If you are a parent or an expectant parent, you understand the painstaking task of choosing your child’s name.

Since we delivered old school — not wanting to know the sex of our child until the day of birth, we had a set of names for both sexes for all our children.

My wife’s family has a tradition of adding a double middle name. I don’t know if that made this task less or more difficult.   However, my youngest son almost received initials the would’ve spelled out a four-letter expletive had my wife not caught it at the last minute. So, we just flipped the two middle names and problem solved.

Because of the date of birth, my eldest was given the name Maximilian after the legendary Polish priest, prisoner number 16770, Maximilian Kolbe, the Saint of Auchwitz.

Then, of course, there’s nicknames.

These are the names given to you by friends and family after you have spent some time on Earth.    Here are some of mine: Stinky, Grump-Grump, Dubba, JDobs, J.J., Pops, Dee. (Thankfully, I grew out of Stinky! Grump-Grump, unfortunately, shows up from time-to-time.)

A nickname may show how you developed.  Who you know or knew.  It may be a descriptor of your present personality or an embrace by your new home or people outside your family who love you, yet have the darnedest time properly pronouncing a surname like Dobkowski.

For many, these are the names that stick.  Some times for life.

Your birth name not only tells people who you are, but where you are from.  It often displays your pedigree and/or family history; which religion you adhere to or what culture you borrow from — your connection to the past.

Names like Faith, Hope, and Charity tell us something about your parents, your placement in their heart and your perceived placement in this world.

Finally, there’s your titles; these tells us what lot in life you earned:

Mister or Missus, Master or Miss, Doctor, Your Honor, Officer, Chief, Father, Pastor, Reverend … and two of the greatest titles of them all: Mom, Dad.

The latter are only second to the names Grandma and Grandpa and the multitude of forms there of, such as: Gramps, Nana, or in my family Babki, Pop-Pop and Boo-Boo Bach.  (I’ll leave that last one for another post.)

So, names matter — and, the proof is in the pudding.

Here’s a list of 150 Titles of Christ from the Scriptures compiled by Msgr. Charles Pope.

Advocate – 1 John 2:1
Alpha and Omega – Revelation 1:8; 22:13
The Almighty – Revelation 1:8
Amen – Revelation 3:14
Apostle and High Priest of our Confession – Hebrews 3:1
Author and Finisher of our Faith – Hebrews 12:2
Beloved – Matthew 12:18
Beloved Son – Colossians 1:13
Bread of God – John 6:33; 50
Bread of life – John 6:35
Living Bread – John 6:51
Bridegroom – John 3:29
Brother – Matthew 12:50
Captain of our Salvation – Hebrews 2:10
Carpenter – Mark 6:3
Carpenter’s Son – Matthew 13:55
Chief Shepherd – 1 Peter 5:4
Chosen One – Luke 23:35
Christ – Matthew 16:20
Christ Jesus – 1 Timothy 1:15; Colossians 1:1
Christ of God – Luke 9:20
Christ the Lord – Luke 2:11
Christ who is above all – Romans 9:5
Consolation of Israel – Luke 2:25
Chief Cornerstone – Ephesians 2:20; 1 Peter 2:6
Dayspring – Luke 1:78
Deliverer – Romans 11:26
Deliverer from the wrath to come – 1 Thessalonians 1:10
Eldest of many brothers – Romans 8:29
Emmanuel – Matthew 1:23
Faithful and True Witness – Revelation 1:5; 3:14
Father Forever – Isaiah 9:6
First and Last – Revelation 1:17; 2:8
Firstborn among many brothers – Romans 8:29
First born from the dead – Revelation 1:5
Firstborn of all creation – Colossians 1:15
First Fruits – 1 Corinthians 15:20
Friend of tax collectors and sinners – Matthew 11:19
Gate of the sheepfold – John 10:7
Glory – Luke 2:32
Good Shepherd – John 10:11; 14
Grain of Wheat – John 12:24
Great Shepherd of the sheep – Hebrews 13:20
Head – Ephesians 4:15
Head of the Church – Colossians 1:18; Ephesians 1:22
Hidden Manna – Revelation 2:17
High Priest – Hebrews 3:1; 4:14; 7:26
He Who Holds of the Keys of David – Revelation 3:7
He who is coming amid the clouds – Revelation 1:7
Holy One – Acts 2:27
Holy One of God – Mark 1:24
Holy Servant  – Acts 4:27
Hope – 1 Timothy 1:1
Horn of Salvation – Luke 1:69
I Am – John 8:58
Image of God – 2 Corithinians 4:4; Colossians 1:15
Indescribable Gift – 2 Corinthians 9:15
Intercessor – Hebrews 7:25
Jesus – Matthew 1:21
Jesus the Nazarene – John 18:5
Judge of the World – 2 Timothy 4:1; Acts 10:42
Just One – Acts 7:52
Just Judge – 2 Timothy 4:8
King – Matthew 21:5
King of Israel – John 1:49
King of Kings – Revelation 17:14; 19:16; 1 Timothy 6:15
King of Nations – Revelation 15:3
King of the Jews – Matthew 2:2
Lamb of God – John 1:29
Last Adam – 1 Corinthians 15:45
Leader – Matthew 2:6; Hebrews 2:10
Leader and Perfecter of Faith – Hebrews 12:2
Leader and Savior – Acts 5:31
Life – John 14:6; Colossians 3:4
Light – John 1:9; John 12:35
Light of all – Luke 2:32; John 1:4
Light of the world – John 8:12
Lion of the tribe of Judah – Revelation 5:5
Lord – Luke 1:25
One Lord – Ephesians 4:5
My Lord my God – John 20:28
Lord both of the dead and the living – Romans 14:9
Lord God Almighty – Revelation 15:3
Lord Jesus – Acts 7:59
Jesus is Lord – 1 Corinthians 12:3
Lord Jesus Christ – Acts 15:11
Lord of all – Acts 10:36
Lord of Glory – 1 Corinthians 2:8
Lord of lords – 1 Timothy 6:15
Lord of Peace – 2 Thessalonians 3:16
The Man – John 19:5
Master – Luke 5:5
Mediator – 1 Timothy 2:5
Messiah – John 1:41; 4:25
Mighty God – Isaiah 9:6
Morning Star – 2 Peter 1:19; Revelation 2:28; Revelation 22:16
Nazarene – Matthew 2:23
Passover – 1 Corinthians 5:7
Power and wisdom of God – 1 Corinthians 1:24
Power for salvation – Luke 1:69
Priest forever – Hebrews 5:6
Prince of Life – Acts 3:15
Prince of Peace – Isaiah 9:6
Rabboni – John 20:16
Ransom – 1 Timothy 2:6
Redeemer – Isaiah 59:20
Rescuer from this Present Evil Age – Galatians 1:4
Radiance of God’s Glory – Hebrews 1:3
Resurrection and Life – John 11:25
Rising Sun – Luke 1:78
Root of David – Revelation 5:5
Root of David’s line – Revelation 22:16
Root of Jesse – Isaiah 11:10
Ruler – Matthew 2:6
Ruler of the kings of the earth – Revelation 1:5
Ruler and Savior – Acts 5:31
Savior – 2 Peter 2:20; 3:18
Savior of the world – 1 John 4:14; John 4:42
Second Adam – Romans 5:14
Servant of the Jews – Romans 15:8
Shepherd and Guardian of our souls – 1 Peter 2:25
Slave – Philippians 2:7
Son – Galatians 4:4
Beloved Son – Colossians 1:13
Firstborn Son – Luke 2:7
Son of Abraham – Matthew 1:1
Son of David – Matthew 1:1
Son of God – Luke 1:35
Son of Joseph – John 1:45
Son of Man – John 5:27
Son of Mary – Mark 6:3
Son of the Blessed One – Mark 14:61
Son of the Father – 2 John 1:3
Son of the Living God – Matthew 16:16
Son of the Most High – Luke 1:32
Son of the Most High God – Mark 5:7
Only Son of the Father – John 1:14
Source of God’s creation – Revelation 3:14
Spiritual Rock – 1 Corinthians 10:4
Living Stone – 1 Peter 2:4
Stone rejected by the builders – Matthew 21:42; 1 Peter 2:8
Stumbling Stone – 1 Peter 2:8
Teacher – Matthew 8:19; Matthew 23:10
Testator of the New Covenant – Hebrews 9:16
True God – 1 John 5:20
True Vine – John 15:1
The Way the Truth and the Life – John 14:6
The One who is, is was, and who is to come – Revelation 3:7
Wisdom of God – 1 Corinthians 1:24
Wonderful Counselor – Isaiah 9:6
Word – John 1:1; 14
Word of God – Revelation 19:13
Word of Life – 1 John 1:1

James DobkowskiJames Henry is the author of Corporation YOU: A Business Plan for the Soul, ‘Twas, and the new book series Hail Mary. To contact James or book an interview, please contact Mark of Goldman/McCormick PR at (516) 639-0988 or Mark@goldmanmccormick.com.

Source: Pinterest | Mother Mary and Mary Magdalen

These two women stood up to a brutal Empire, never wavered, and never betrayed or abandoned Our Lord. These two women changed the world! Need I say more?

Every day, we celebrate these two women in our home.

That’s why, in our house, every day is International Women’s Day!


James DobkowskiJames Henry is the author of Corporation YOU: A Business Plan for the Soul, ‘Twas, and the new book series Hail Mary. To contact James or book an interview, please contact Mark of Goldman/McCormick PR at (516) 639-0988 or Mark@goldmanmccormick.com.


Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Catholics may be onto something.   In fact, they’ve been “onto something” for almost two millennia!

I just can’t believe nobody trademarked this idea yet!

During Lent, most Christians feel called to give up “something”.

In my Catholic Christian family, we were also required to fast, for lack of a better term, for the whole period of Lent.

Everyone knows about Catholic’s Fish Fridays.  My mom just took it a bit further.

She instilled in us that, “If Jesus could give up food and water for 40 days and nights, the least we could do is gives up snacks between meals and desserts.”

Did I mention my mom is Irish Catholic. If you’re Irish Catholic, you know what that means.

So, every Lent we would eat smaller portions, cut out snacks and go without desserts.  I still continue this tradition to this day.

Though now I break fast on Sundays, we carried out this fast, in my childhood home, all the way to Easter Sunday.

As I matured in Faith, I fasted — as in no food — during Holy Week, cleansing my body with Detox Tea until the morning of the Great Sabbath, Holy Saturday aka Easter Eve.

Every year, I lost weight and felt like a million bucks!

Originally, I ended my holy fast on Easter Sunday.  However, here’s why I stopped.

Polish people celebrate Easter with Kielbasa and an cornucopia-kowski of Polish treats: hard-boiled eggs, butter, ham, horseradish, bread, babka and other foods.

Maria Sliwinska, ICIMSS, Poland

Photo: Maria Sliwinska, ICIMSS, Poland

After a week of cleansing my body, a slice of low-end, high-nitrate brand of smoked kielbasa nearly killed me.  My detoxed body went into revolt and I felt like I was going into toxic shock.  The only thing running through my mind as my body struggled to maintain homeostasis was, “They’re going to find me dead on the sofa and they’re going to think it was the fast.”

So, as a precaution, I now start toxifying the day before Easter, so I could feast on the holiest day of the year.

Now that I’m a parent myself, I instill the same sense of sacrifice in my children.  It’s easy to do — with a little help from the Easter Bunny.  I give a few tips here.  One alteration I made from mom is that my kids substitute a healthy snack for the usually after-dinner dessert.  Besides that, its pretty much the same regiment!

Do this for a whole year — and there you have it:  The Lent Diet()

Cut calories, eliminate snacking, and no desserts every day — except on Sundays!

The good thing is that you don’t have to be Catholic to feel good; just eat like one — during Lent and beyond!

As far as the trademark,  I’m working on it.


James DobkowskiJames Henry is the author of Corporation YOU: A Business Plan for the Soul, ‘Twas, and the new book series Hail Mary. To contact James or book an interview, please contact Mark of Goldman/McCormick PR at (516) 639-0988 or Mark@goldmanmccormick.com.


Easter - Corporation YOU © 2017

Easter – Corporation YOU © 2017

Early Christians had allot of symbols.

The dove. The fish. The Lamb. The pelican. The peacock … and of course, the Easter Bunny.

It is without question that nearly all Christian symbols are adaptations of pre-Christian symbols, Dr. Ralph F. Wilson writes. With that said, there is a certain sort of believer that expresses concern over anything “pagan” in Christian symbols.

I understand the concern. But think about this: Is there no greater symbol of the godless cruelty of paganism than the cross?

I once heard a pastor rail against the Easter Bunny for similar reasons. It’s the Easter Bunny, I thought, not Santa Muerte for chrissake!

His argument was that there’s not reasonable application for this family-friendly egg-laying hare.  But I disagree!

God meets you were you are.

He also meets people in ways that you can understand and appreciate. So, why wouldn’t He meet the children of the world where they are and in ways they understand and appreciate — like the Easter Bunny?

Be it Peter Rabbit, Peter Cottontail, or Benjamin Bunny, nothing is as cute and cuddly to a pre- and elementary schooler, as a bunny rabbit!

Easter Bunny - Corporation YOU © 2017

Easter Bunny – Corporation YOU © 2017


The key is to make a bridge from cute and cuddly to orthodoxy in Faith. This is how we did it in our Christian household.

Starting on Ash Wednesday, along with fasting between meal and eating fish on Friday, we also eliminate dessert. This sacrifice gives us the opportunity, as parents, to discuss how Jesus sacrificed His life for us.

Additionally, we can introduce the biblical story on how He started His ministry with a 40-day fast in the desert.

You’ll be amazed, as were we, by the questions your children begin to ask and the depth of their understanding.

However, giving up dessert and convincing your three-year-old to sacrifice his or her fruit snack is not an easy task. That’s where the Easter Bunny comes in!

“Jesus takes account of all you cheerfully give to Him (in this case gives up) and He will repay you tenfold,” I tell my children.

The 10-fold
comes on Easter Sunday, in the form of a massive Easter Egg hunt. And of course, who delivers all that candy for Christ?

The Easter Bunny, that’s who!

Put the “Easter” back in Easter Bunny and let God meet your children were they are and in ways that they can understand and appreciate — and they will receive a hundredfold and will inherit eternal life!


James DobkowskiJames Henry is the author of Corporation YOU: A Business Plan for the Soul, ‘Twas, and the new book series Hail Mary. To contact James or book an interview, please contact Mark of Goldman/McCormick PR at (516) 639-0988 or Mark@goldmanmccormick.com.


Ash Wednesday – Corporation YOU © 2017

Today is Ash Wednesday.

For six years, I lived and worked in Southern California, within the bounds of the largest Catholic archdiocese in United States where I attended Mass and services at the parish of St. Finbar in Burbank.

Almost 5 million Catholics work, live, and worship in the Los Angeles community of 11 million people which prides itself on its embrace of multiculturalism.

Oddly enough, when I lived in So Cal, not one Ash Wednesday passed without someone pointing out that I had “something” on my forehead.

The first time it occurred, I was in a Target. The person was kind and concerned as she approached and expressed her concern.

“Excuse me, sir,” she said. “You have something on your forehead.”
“It’s Ashes,” I replied, believing she would then know what I was talking about. She didn’t. “It’s Ash Wednesday,” I continued. Still nothing. “I’m Catholic,” I added. “We put Ashes on our forehead to mark the beginning of the season called Lent.”
“Wow, that’s cool,” she smiled, then walked off.

I have to admit; though I chuckled, I was equally amazed that she didn’t know. The following year, it occurred again.

My wife and I went to have sushi after receiving ashes to meet our holy obligation of eating fish. (And yes, I’m aware that sushi is not the true intended act of penance imposed by the Church to commemorate the day.)

As we we’re leaving the restaurant, the Japanese-accented Sushi Chef called out to us.

“Thank you for coming,” he said. “Have good day.”
“You too!” my wife and I added in unison.
“Excuse me, you have something on you –,” he added, pointing to his forehead.
“Yes, thank you,” I replied. “It’s ashes. It’s Ash Wednesday.”
“Oh my goodness,” he humbly replied seemingly losing his accent. “I’m a lapsed Catholic.”

We chuckled. First at the loss of the shame-filled Sushi’s Chef’s Japanese accent; but also at the fact that it happened again!

I was equally amazed that he didn’t know.

The most noted case of mistaken ashes came when British Sky News reporters, on Ash Wednesday, thought the dirty mark above the brow of then Vice-President Joe Biden was also just something on his forehead.

It’s quite humorous. The reporter, another self-proclaimed lapsed Catholic, finally realizes three minutes and 10 seconds into the broadcast that Joe Biden’s something is, in fact, ashes, and humbly apologizes.

Take a look at it HERE.

In her defense, and the defense of the others, our ashes often lose their intended shape, that of a cross — especially by the end of the day.  (See below)

Catholic Guide to Ashes

Though I no longer live in Los Angeles, I, oddly enough, miss those awkward Ash Wednesday incidents.

I don’t miss them because they made me laugh — even though they did.  I miss them because they revealed, to me, the true nature of the season of Lent that lives in the heart of those of goodwill.

Lent is a season of Penance, yes; but it’s also a season of Reflection.

But what exactly should we reflect on?

Well, how about we reflect on being more Holy, more Christ-like; we can do this by reflecting His loving character more.

In fact, I’d argue that the motivation behind these well-intended interactions were, for the most part, just as Christian as the act of receiving and wearing ashes.

How so?

Then let me start with this question: If Jesus was walking down the street and he saw a smudge on someone’s forehead, what would He do? What would He say?

I think that Jesus would stop, point, and say, “Excuse me, sir. You have something on your forehead.”

So, if today, if you are stopped by a well-intended non-believer or non Church-goer, simply smile and say, “No, that’s not dirt on my forehead. It’s Ashes … but thank you!” 

Maybe, you could even take this opportunity to start a conversation — and possibly take the first step in introducing someone else to the Love of Christ.


James DobkowskiJames Henry is the author of Corporation YOU: A Business Plan for the Soul, ‘Twas, and the new book series Hail Mary. To contact James or book an interview, please contact Mark of Goldman/McCormick PR at (516) 639-0988 or Mark@goldmanmccormick.com.


Lent Fun Fact:
The Catholic practice of abstaining from meat on Friday was the reason for the creation of McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish sandwich.



It was the infancy of radio.

On January 21, 1930, Britain’s King Edward V was to declare open the great Naval Disarmament Conference in the Royal Gallery in the House of Lords. His Majesty’s speech was to be broadcasted to all parts of the world.

According to the Daily Sentinel, in Rome, NY, just a few minutes before the King began his address, somebody in the control room at CBS tripped over the wires to the generator that energized the entire network.

For eight seconds, there was nothing but silence.

No static. No feedback. No King.

Just dead air.

Then suddenly, as if someone in control room flipped a switch, the King’s message was miraculously restored.

When it was over, it was discovered and later reported, that a young radio engineer grasped the wires together in his hands to restore the current through his body.

According to the Daily Sentinel, his arms twitching with electrical shock, Harold Vivian literally spiced with his body a broken link in the vast hook up and made it possible for the 59 North American stations to hear (the) King

Vivian held on, for 20 minutes, as the King’s message transmitted through him — never letting go, never losing hope, never surrendering faith — until the new wires could be connected.

King’s Speech Heard Through the Body of Young Radio Expert, the headlines proclaimed.


Though his deed was legendary, it appears, from my Google search, that if it was not for author Donald McCullough, Harold Vivian, the man, may have been forgotten in time. In fact, many sources has the young control operator’s name as Harold Vidian.

Most of the lit on Harold Vivian, from my Google search, reflected on the same message: Today, the line between God, our Heavenly King, and the world appears to be broken — and must be restored!

Just took around, our nation appears to be at a tipping point. Even so, our lives are sadly less impacted by chaos than most of the world around us.

So, to fix the immediate problem, we need to be a conduit between God and the world. We need to let God’s voice be heard through our us.

We ALL need to be more like Harold Vivian.


Romans 10:14

James Dobkowski


James Henry is the author of Corporation YOU: A Business Plan for the Soul, ‘Twas, and the new book series Hail Mary. To contact James or book an interview, please contact Mark of Goldman/McCormick PR at (516) 639-0988 or Mark@goldmanmccormick.com.


It feels like a lifetime ago.

My wife and I had just moved to Burbank, California. I was trying to make it as a screenwriter — and she was in search of a base office to network. Search over, we dressed for success and drove to Sherman Oaks, to meet her potential new upline.

I have to admit, I was far from a willing participant. The role I was playing was that of the supportive husband. You see, my wife had given up everything, so I could follow my dream.

Her family. Her friends. Her comforts. All were now over 3000 miles away.

The least I could do is sit through a Wednesday night presentation. Right?

To my surprise, the reception was warm and welcoming. The presenters were unassuming. I later discovered these warm, welcoming, unassuming presenters were the her potential new upline.  Oh yeah, they were also multimillionaires … kind, sharing and unassuming multimillionaires.

Over time, we felt more than just members. We felt like family.

To date, I have never met two people as inspirational. Their stories were entertaining, influential — and endless.

I’ll never forget the night I first heard what I call “The Plan.” The best word to describe the feeling: Awestruck.


The presentation that I was watching was not just about their patented business plan for success. It was also my plan … “The Plan” — straight from the pages of my book, Corporation YOU: Business Plan for the Soul.

Impossible, I thought.

I quickly nudged my wife, leaned towards her, and whispered, “That’s my plan!”

She simply smiled and then quietly replied, “I know.” (She was always so much smarter and wiser than I.) And even though she had read my book in draft form — years before she was in the business, my wife never said a word. (She is also much more humble, and so much less forthright, as well.)

Eventually, our new network started to grow — and I continued attending meetings, as often as possible.

One Saturday, I became bold enough to introduce myself to a fellow distributor after discovering that he shared my career goals.

Eventually, we became writing partners. Today, I consider this gentle man a confidant, a brother and one of my closest friends.

Together, he and I started to apply these time-tested principles outside of the business and eventually, against all odds, respectively produced and directed a faith-based play: Faith Ties. Next, we put the plan in place to turn that play into a motion picture.

Here’s what a television icon had to say after reading the screenplay for Faith Ties.

Did you watch it? Awesome, right?

We still have a much work to do, but we don’t only have the faith that we will succeed. We have the principles to succeed!

Now, I know what you’re thinking: This can’t work for me. Well, I’m telling that it doesn’t matter if  your business is LuLaRoe, It Works, Thirty-One, Avon, Primerica, Amway, Herbalife, Mary Kay, TupperwareNu Skin….

You will succeed — if you don’t forget the bacon!


Like many, my life was one of unfulfilled dreams. In search of life’s true meaning, life became meaningless. That all ended the day I meet a charismatic salesperson by the name of Mel.

Mr. Mel, as I called him, quickly began to transform my life through a series of personal lessons. However, it was not until his last lesson — what it meant to “Don’t Forget the Bacon” — that I was given “The Plan” and with it: Life’s key meaning.

It was then, and only then, I finally understood God’s true plan for my life.
As in everything, there are peaks and valleys. But today, the peaks have never been so high. And thankfully, the valleys are never as low as they were before I learned the lesson for successful living from the Master Teacher, Mr. Mel.

As you read this inspirational narrative, you will find yourself slowly climbing the ladder of personal success and happiness. When you reach the top of the ladder, you will be spellbound as you look beyond and discover a world within—a world of higher purpose, a world of action, a world “beyond self.”

Welcome, my friend, to Corporation You — and don’t forget the bacon!


James DobkowskiJames Henry is the author of Corporation YOU: A Business Plan for the Soul, ‘Twas, and the new book series Hail Mary. To contact James or book an interview, please contact Mark of Goldman/McCormick PR at (516) 639-0988 or Mark@goldmanmccormick.com.

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