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Rarely does my family watch Network Television.

If we do, I hold my hand securely on the remote with my finger on the mute button. The TV dilemma is two-fold: Either the content is inappropriate or the commercials are “not ready for Prime Time.”

Maybe my wife and I are just old school or too traditional. (In defense of network television, I find my pastor’s sermons often inappropriate for my children’s ears — especially with his constant use of he-double hockey sticks and the frequent use of the Lord’s name … often, in what us traditionalist consider to be, in vain.)

There’s few places for parent to go these days. To paraphrase Rascal Flatts “I miss Mayberry … where everything is black and white.”

Thankfully, there’s MeTV where my kids and I can go back in time and watch the timeless episodes of the Andy Griffith Show.

Instead of being a watchtower of protection with the remote pointed at my flat-screen and my finger resting on the trigger, my couch once again becomes what is was intended to be: A sanctuary of comfort where I can stretched-out my arms and wrap them around my boys.

Families need more of that today! And, TV needs more Mayberry!


James DobkowskiJames Henry is the author of Corporation YOU: A Business Plan for the Soul, ‘Twas, and the new book series Hail Mary. For six years, James taught At-Risk kids in Los Angeles. Today, he lives in New York where he continues to write — and teach. To contact James or book an interview, please contact Mark of Goldman & McCormick PR at (516) 639-0988 or Mark@goldmanmccormick.com.


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