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Photo: Samir | Preemptive Love

When ISIS came for his grandmother, 10-year-old Samir stood between her and the militants. This is his heroic story.

Learn more go to: http://preemptivelove.org/seebeyond

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Today I discovered Preemptive Love.

I made this powerful discovery after previewing the video, embedded below, after a friend posted it on facebook. After watching it, I just had to share it’s powerful message.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, this video is worth much more — or arguably much less. For it is only worth one word.

So, what is Preemptive Love? To find out, watch this video till the end…

What We Found Inside This Church Destroyed by ISIS Took Our Breath Away from Preemptive Love on Vimeo.

Powerful, yes?

… And now you know the worth of the word in this video. The Word! The Word that encompasses all words.

The Word that was from the beginning; the Word that was with God; the Word that is God.

God who is Love!

Since, we are the body of Christ. We too are the Word. The Word sent forth. The Word called in action.

We are Preemptive Love!


Click on the link if wish to learn more about The Preemptive Love Coalition.


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