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One of the passages in my book Corporation YOU: A Business Plan for the Soul deals exclusively with Father’s Day

The book came out before I was a Dad — and before the widespread use of smartphones pervaded our everyday life.  However, I feel, it illustrates the hidden meaning behind the nation’s celebration of Father’s Day.

If you don’t know what collect phone calls are, click here before reading, so you know what the exchange is all about.

From Corporation YOU:

“Do you know on what day the most collect phone calls are made?” Mr. Mel asked. 

I shook my head no.

“Father’s Day! … Why is that?”

I had no idea.

“Because Dad was always there, giving in that special way.  So special, that on the one day we set aside to honor him, most are not embarrassed to tell him we love him — at his own expense. In fact, he has almost come to expect it.”

I could see that then — and definitely can see that today. 

All the young men I grew up with are all great dads today.  Likewise, the men I work with are all great dads, as well.

I can only speculate that all these men have one common denominator. 

They and I all had incredible role models.  Real men who exemplified true masculinity!  A masculinity formed from watching the lives of men with Abraham Lincoln’s dictum  etched upon their hearts:

No man stands taller as when he stoops to help a child.”

Perhaps this is the hidden meaning of Father’s Day, long know among men of honor, who all proudly share one thing in common … the value of being called “Dad”.

Happy Father’s Day!


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