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There is a new saint rising among the ranks.  It’s St. Baldrick!

Baldrick, one can argue, doesn’t fall within the ancient category of a saint.  In fact, some will argue that St. Baldrick never really existed, so the saint of the willing-to-be-bald-for-a-cause really isn’t a saint, at all.

The truth be told, there is no evidence that every saint venerated today truly ever existed. Let’s take Saint Christopher for example.

This popular saint may have only exist in name only.  

Christopher many believe is simply an honorary title given to the patron of travelers.  We don’t actually know for sure, but that doesn’t take away from the mysticism found in the veneration of St. Christopher.  

Likewise, it doesn’t take away from the mystical experience of St. Baldrick’s!


Saints just don’t intercede, if you will, on behalf of the collect on Earth.  They are also beacons of light that guide us through the darkness of our times.

Is there anything darker than childhood cancer?

As beacons, saints can also be a present day example of goodness and can motivate us to better ourselves; and in turn they inspire us to build stronger, more loving communities, making us all — even if it’s just for a short period of time — saints, as well.

3835962Every year, because of St. Baldrick, communities put aside their differences to gather together in fellowship to willingly donate their time, talents and treasures (in the form of hair) and take on a common foe, all with a shared sense of hope that one day the cure for childhood cancer will be found.

That sounds like the work of a true saint!

Like Saint Christopher, St. Baldrick may exist in name only, with no date of beatification or canonization and with no official recognition by the Church.  

Yet, like St. Christopher, despite these technicalities, St. Baldrick continues to intercede today on our behalf,  especially our children — and that’s the true miracle of St. Baldrick’s.

St. Baldrick's before

Moments before we got our “buzz” on!

You can donate to St. Baldrick’s.  Just CLICK HERE.

St. Baldrick's afterJames Henry is the author of Corporation YOU: A Business Plan for the Soul, Hail Mary series, and two children’s books: The Second Prince and Klaus: The Gift-giver to ALL!  As a writer, James has been widely featured on Bob Salter (CBS Radio), Mike Siegel, Mancow, and more.

Today, James lives in New York where he continues to teach — and write.

To contact James or book an interview, please contact Mark of Goldman/McCormick PR at (516) 639-0988 or Mark@goldmanmccormick.com.


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