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The story of Charlie Gard held the Western world captive for several weeks this summer.  Even the Pope got involved.

The Twittersphere appeared to explode with hashtags and opinions – especially after it was revealed that the infant was baptized before he died.  One Tweet stuck with me:  It was from a gentleman who questioned how a merciful God would allow such suffering – especially when it’s congenital.

That can be a valid argument for many.

Often, Believers lose Faith because of the suffering of a Loved One – especially when it’s a child or a grandchild.  So, it is not a surprise when a non-believer confirms his or her disbelief through the use of tragedy.

God did in fact co-create this infant, did He not?   

He is also the creator of all things – including miracles, isn’t He? 

 So, why didN’T God save baby Charlie?

“Many men,” St. John Chrysostom explained, “when they see those who are pleasing to God suffering anything terrible, as, for instance, having fallen into sickness, or poverty and any other like, are offended, not knowing that to those especially dear to God it belongs to endure these things; since Lazarus also was one of the friends of Christ, and was sick.”

It’s difficult to understand that the suffering we endure is not a punishment from God.  It is sometimes a sign of Love.

In times like these, I am reminded The Modern Parable of the Pious Precant. (If you heard it, skip the paragraphs below in italics.)

A man of God took to prayer when he heard a weather report of an oncoming storm with flood warnings.  “God save and protect me,” he prayed.  I have nothing to fear.”  

Moments later, the Sheriff came and asked him to evacuate, but he stayed put. 

“I’m a God fearing man,” he told the Sheriff.  “I’ve prayed for God to save and protect me.  I have nothing to fear.”  So, the Sheriff left to save others.

Soon the storm came and the floodwaters rose.  So, the man moved to the second floor of his home and continued to pray.  Soon, there was a knock on his window and he opened it only to find a rescue boat.  He was ordered to get it the boat and evacuate, but he stayed put.  

“I’ve prayed for God to save and protect me.  I have nothing to fear.”   So, the boat left to save others.

The floodwaters continued to rise.  So, the man moved to the roof of his home and continued to pray  Soon, a helicopter hovered over his home.  A lifeline was dropped from the helicopter and he was ordered to grab the rope so he could be airlifted to safety.  Again, he stayed put.   

“I’ve prayed for God to save and protect me.  I have nothing to fear.”  So, the helicopter left to save others.

The floodwaters, however, continued to rise and the pious man continued to pray as treaded water.  Eventually, this faithful individual could no longer keep his head above water and drowned.

In Heaven, he met his Creator and quickly questioned Him.

“Lord God, I dedicated my life to you.  Why did You not answer any of my prayers?”

“I did answered them, My child,” Lord God replied. “First, I sent you a Sheriff, then a lifeboat, then a helicopter.”

The world had a potential cure for Charlie’s disease.  However, he was denied access to this cure because of the cost.   So, donations flowed forward.  However, Charlie was still denied access because the cure was experimental and in America.   So, the U.S. Congress granted Charlie American residency.  However, Charlie was denied access to travel.

He died July 28, a week before his first birthday, after a judge ordered he be taken off a ventilator.

It appears to me God continued to answer the prayers for Charlie Gard.  Like the Pious Precant, the world response was sanctimonious, self-righteous, and pompous.  In other words, it was pious.

So then, if God didn’t kill Charlie Gard, then who did?

The answer is clear:  Charlie Gard was killed by the same people whose actions led Christ to the Cross and drove the nails into His hands and feet.


It was you and me.



James DobkowskiJames Henry is the author of Corporation YOU: A Business Plan for the Soul, ‘Twas, and the new book series Hail Mary. For six years, James taught At-Risk kids in Los Angeles. Today, he lives in New York where he continues to write — and teach. To contact James or book an interview, please contact Mark of Goldman & McCormick PR at (516) 639-0988 or Mark@goldmanmccormick.com.


To learn more about Charlie Gard and TK2 go to:

Charlie’s instagram page
Charlie’s army Fb page


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UK Red Cross bans Christmas.

Who in their right mind would be offended if someone wearing a Red Cross emblem wished them a “Merry Christmas”?  Let’s start with the people at the Red Cross!   http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-152361/The-Red-Cross-bans-Christmas.html?printingPage=true

Now, the International Red Cross may not consider themselves a Christian organization.  But whether they like it or not, over the last 2000 years, the Cross has become the universal symbol of Christianity.  In fact, all those crosses on all those national flags throughout the world represent the fact that they all, at one time, gave their allegiance to Christ, in one form or another, including the Swiss nation where the Red Cross was founded.

Now let’s clarify — it is NOT the American Red Cross; it is the British branch of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) that is declaring this ban — and I think they’re a bunch of knuckleheads for doing so!

Their reason behind the ban is: Celebrating Christmas, including the display of the Nativity, would be offensive to those in the Muslims community who they serve.  Really?  During what crisis did the British Red Cross begin polling Muslims-in-need to determine level of offensiveness of the phrase “Merry Christmas”?

I also wonder if the powers-that-be-at the U.K. Red Cross realize that Muslims don’t find Jesus (called ‘Isa in Arabic) as offensive as they do.  In fact, Islam honors Jesus  as a great prophet; they simply don’t believe he is the Christ.  Further, Jesus’ Mother, Mary, holds great honor in the Islamic religion, as well.

“How shall I have a son, seeing that no man has touched me, and I am not unchaste?”

Sound familiar?  Yes, these are the words of the Virgin Mary. But they are not out of the Bible; they’re from Jesus’ birth story in the Koran.  So tell me again, how is the birth of Jesus, a great Islamic prophet, offend Muslims?   It does not!  If you don’t believe me, click on this link to see where the most expensive Christmas tree is being publicly displayed — and it’s not in a “Christian” nation:  http://tinyurl.com/3xvnc2w

Here’s the good news: The British Red Cross has not extended the Christmas ban to their own profitable products. Items currently on sale include Christmas cards featuring angels and wise men and Advent calendars with nativity scenes.  Hmmmm, having faith that Jesus will deliver where and when He is most needed.

Maybe the Red Cross is a Christian organization after all.

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